Enthusiast of design, family, and God.

l am Grace Winkler, 1 of a 6 kid family, who found her love for art and her husband in high school. It started in 9th grade with a deep interest in colors and painting. Fast forward a couple years, I am a top 10 graduate at the School of Advertising Art, worked for three years as the sole full time graphic designer at Apex Community Church, got some awesome agency experience at SBC Advertising, and am now running a one-woman design studio. I am a determined, innovative designer who loves to learn something new through each graphic endeavor.

Here are some personal facts about myself:

  • I believe that puns are the highest form of comedy.
  • I have made more attempts than I can count to learn Spanish. 
  • I am extremely susceptible to reverse psychology (please do not try to use this form of mind control to get work pro bono.)

In the end, I love doing what I do. I love that I get to use art to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  


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